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Information Group

Information is everywhere, every day organisations retain increasing volumes of information. Operational insight, management of business as usual processes, compliance and records retention policies all are voracious consumers of information that is now streaming at us at an increasing pace. This “fire hose” of information is now also turning into a liability.

Information volumes are growing so fast that we no longer have control. In fact, the reality is that this point of inflection happened some time ago but we lacked the tools and motivation to address this “tsunami” of information. Storage is no longer cheap as for many organisations, the increase in information volume outstrips the ongoing reduction in the cost of storage.

The liability information creates now outweighs its longer term business value. We can no longer ignore this problem; it has become too big and is now the elephant in the room for many organisations. Fortunately, there are now methodologies and tools that can help you tackle this issue; what was a problem too hard to solve has now become an opportunity to reduce cost and liability, whilst also creating new competitive advantage and differentiation.

Here at the Leaders Information Group, we help our customers take on this these challenges and convert them to opportunities.

Storage Optimisation
Identify old, redundant and trivial information and reduce storage costs and growth with managed, policy driven, defensible disposal policies and processes.

Identifying and Managing High Value Business Information
Identifying and consolidating high value IP and business information and then making this available for reuse and reference.

Reduce the cost and increase the speed and efficiency of legal eDiscovery process both before and during legal action to identify critical information.

Extend the Value and Reduce the Cost of Legacy Information
Reduce cost and rationalise legacy systems by migrating and preserving legacy information in context within a compliant repository.

Privacy and Compliance
Remediate and make compliant personal, private, confidential, PCI, Health and Financial information. Identify errant and data leaks throughout the enterprise.

Put Information into the Hands of Those Who Need It
Efficient, cost effective information access with a secure and auditable information synchronisation and sharing solution.

The Leaders Information Group helps our clients deal with these issues with demonstrable rapid return on investment. Contact us now to find out more about how you can solve these challenges within your organisation.
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