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A development program that tackles skills shortage challenges in the industry

Introduction of offering

To answer the pressing need in the market for lower cost, high value resources, LeadersIT have created the Capacity Uplift Solution which develops graduates, career transition and return to work consultants in both soft and hard skills, supporting the organisation’s goal to ‘right size’ their human resources.

Capacity Uplift is not just a graduate development program. We source people transitioning careers or who are returning to the workforce, as well as graduate employees.

Our commitment means that Leaders IT consultants take the pressure off your team and carry a shared responsibility with our client to manage new employees.

Participants have access to coaching by our dedicated Program and Employee Managers who will be responsible for the skills development of individual employees.

By utilising a candidate pool of highly talented, but not necessarily highly experienced candidates we offer a partnership with clients to co-develop successful candidates, through specialised training both formal (which can lead to professional qualification) and on-the-job mentoring. The client benefits by employing the best and brightest new talent as a ‘blank canvas’ to shape into exactly what they need, whilst increasing capacity at a cost base lower than the traditional consulting model.

How does it work?

All our content can be tailored to include training that directly relates to your organisation which can be discussed within the first week during the organisation briefing.

What’s involved?

The Capacity Uplift Solution solves a series of challenges facing many organisations today - how to secure low cost, high-value resources during the current globally restricted, uncertain, economically turbulent time.

  1. Organisation recognises the requirement to bring in low cost, high value resources and engages Leaders IT

  2. Deep candidate profiling via extensive selection methodology backed by the pedigree of Chandler Macleod Consulting

  3. The Client selects and interviews candidates from the shortlist and makes the final decision. Selected candidates are employed by Leaders IT

  4. Onboarded with workshops on Effective Stakeholder Engagement, Ethical Practice in the Workplace, and Effective Presentation Skills

  5. 12 months soft skill development program commences

  6. Ten registered psychologists led 2-3 hour workshops

  7. Twenty professionally led 1:1 mentoring sessions with each placed consultant

  8. Management of an agreed technical skills training program

  9. Optional individual membership of an appropriate professional organisation for each consultant

  10. After 12 months, the opportunity to transition consultants in to full time employees or continue via an SOW


“My experience with LeadersIT has been excellent. LeadersIT provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to secure employment within the cyber security industry. The support provided by the LeadersIT team has been outstanding and the team will always be the first one to reach out if there are any issues.

I needed career advice at the start of the pandemic and was afraid that my role was coming to an end. Sue set up an introduction session with another LeadersIT consultant for genuine upskilling advice and provided training incentives to grow my technical skills. The results were fantastic! LeadersIT helped set up the fundamental training for my career.

What I had found out about working is the importance of work life balance which could not have been any better at LeadersIT.

If you're looking for a supportive, career focused and enjoyable place to grow your career, LeadersIT has it covered.”

- John Nguyen, Leaders Field Staff

“Sue Templeton and the entire team at Leaders IT truly go above and beyond in their service to you. The effort, diligence and detail that they put into getting you prepared for interviews is exceptional.

This care doesn’t stop after you land your exciting new role. They are constantly checking in to see your progress, providing development opportunities such as seminars or workshops or just catching up for a friendly chat.

I was personally able to relocate interstate and gain a permanent role in a Big 4 bank out of a short-term contract and this would not have been possible without the help and support of Sue and the Leaders IT team.”

- Jack McKay, Graduate Leaders Field Staff

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