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Leaders IT Services, otherwise referred to as Leaders, is an IT Professional Services company who offer specialist resourcing, project delivery and based on Statement of Work terms. Our innovative solutions, due diligence, and expertise make us a cost-effective and risk-free service.

Leaders have a strong national presence with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, and Adelaide. Due to Leaders original link to Peoplebank, we have access to over 500,000 IT candidates. Leaders resources allow us to deliver quickly and successfully within Australia as well as within markets in Hong Kong and Singapore. Although Leaders is a Peoplebank company we provide a definitive service in our own right and offer solutions that make us stand out.

Our Difference

Cost Effective Option (Virtual IT Bench)

At Leaders, we can supplement existing teams by providing a flexible workforce. Rather than the traditional approach of maintaining a bench of consulting staff to be ‘force-fit’ into opportunities based on demand, Leaders holds a Virtual IT bench. We believe that the key to success in engaging with clients is to ensure that the teams and resources provided meet the requirements of our clients perfectly. Utilising this approach, Leaders can navigate the available resource pool from the national database of skilled IT professionals and put forward resources that are the absolute most suitable.


Leaders is a completely risk-free solution. We run our own background checks, work rights checks and so on. This protects your IP and security. Not all providers will do this on your behalf.

Qualified CV’s

We provide pre-qualified CV’s so that you can include them in bids. Quick and Effective – We prepare the consultants quickly with an efficient onboarding process enabling us to cover your requirements as soon as possible.

Significant Candidate Database

Leaders has access to a database of over 500,000 IT professionals so we can source all our own candidates from the market and not from other providers, so you will never have to pay double margins.

Expertise and Understanding

Unlike other providers, Leaders does not maintain an expensive bench of generalist consultants who are ’massaged to fit’ client needs. We therefore do not have this additional expense to on-charge. Leaders can promise a perfectly suited candidate because of its fundamental relationship with the Peoplebank Group. Leaders maintain a specialist team with exceptional domain expertise, people who have an intimate understanding of business issues associated with their area and how to apply IT solutions to overcome those issues and achieve your business goals.

Problem Solving

We assist in working-around and handling headcount restrictions or challenges. Leaders are the most cost-effective solution.

Keeping Up to Date

We keep our eyes and ears open – We listen to our clients’ ever-changing needs and we watch for developing trends within the industry. This ensures we stay one or even two steps ahead of the game and allows us to offer our clients a cost-effective approach to address their ongoing and changing IT project needs. Meeting or exceeding client expectations is our absolute priority. We help our clients meet their business imperatives in a highly flexible and scalable way – with accountability, transparency and most importantly – without the excessive and hidden margins of traditional management and IT consultancies and professional services organisations.
Looking to Engage with Leaders?

Leaders IT Services will partner with your business to provide in-depth knowledge, guidance and successfully deliver your IT projects.

Our Services

Effective and efficient teams, rapidly mobilised, sized and located to meet your needs.

Professional and skilled consultants to advise, consult or work alongside your existing teams and partners.

We have incredibly competitive fees. We gather highly skilled IT Consultants from not only Australia but from overseas as well, to deliver the best services.

Specialist Consulting - Niche Skills

Leaders understands the needs of the IT market and predict that the following roles and key niche skills will be in demand within the next 12 months:

  • Senior Java Developers
  • Senior Business Analysts
  • Big Data
  • BI & Analytics
  • Senior Java Developers
  • Senior Business Analysts
  • Big Data
  • BI & Analytics
  • Security and Cybersecurity
  • DevOps & Digital
  • UI/UX Designers and Developers
  • Architecture & Design
  • Network Engineers and Designers
  • Cloud Resources
  • Machine Learning, AI & Robotics
Wanting to pursue a career in one of these areas? Contact us today.

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