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A clear contract of work providing security, quality and flexibility for our consultants and clients alike

Introduction of offering

Once an SOW is agreed upon and you officially become our client, Leaders IT takes on the responsibility of the service outlined in the SOW to create efficiencies for you, help you to mitigate risk, maintain the set budget, uphold special requirements, and ensure the project’s overall success.

Our consultants come from a large existing talent pool and work to deliver their expertise to every project they are hired for. Leaders IT offer high level support and customer service to both our consultants and clients by being consistent, collaborative, and dependable. Our consultant come with the requisite competencies and experience to deliver the outlined SOW services.

Client benefits

One of the advantages of utilising Leaders IT for SOW requirements as opposed to a traditional consulting firm is the access gained to our “virtual bench” of resources.

Unlike our competitors, we are not limited to a fixed number of in-house resources who may be otherwise engaged when they are required or potentially “force fit” into roles where they may be the best option available but not necessarily the perfect fit for that client.

Consultant benefits

Our consultants are provided support from pre-interview to ongoing placement. We at Leaders pride ourselves on the continuous support and development of consulting staff. Our consultant care team take great pride in maintaining a proactive relationship with our onsite consultants. This support comes in the form of regular catch ups to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff, our consultants have access to development seminars, we work on the consultant’s career plan, and ensure that the work we are able to provide through our clients is aligned to their career ambitions.


“Since today is the last day of my stint with Leaders IT, I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for everything that you have done for me over the past one and a half years that I have been associated with the company. I have experienced tremendous support and guidance from you throughout. It's really hard to find individuals who are genuinely empathetic and always ready to walk the extra mile for you to make sure you are covered. During these distressing times of lockdown you have regularly made an effort to stay in touch and take care of all my needs - from my timely contract extensions to my salary sacrifice requests, to help me avail my LinkedIn subscriptions - you have always been just a call away.

You have been my single point of contact ever since I joined Leaders IT and never for once have I felt that any of my requests wasn't catered promptly.”

-Manu Thakur, Leaders SOW Consultant

“My experience with Leaders has been great. The support I got from Sophia Franke from the beginning, and then also from Sue Templeton were outstanding. I feel they have taken time to look after me well as a consultant. I appreciate the catchups we've had throughout.

I certainly hope I could work with Peoplebank/Leaders again.”

-Frank Farjado, Leaders SOW Consultant

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